Thursday, May 23, 2024

Bees United Newsletter: Establishing our international Bees voice

By Charlie Corr
Bees United Contributor

When I was thinking about how to summarize Brentford's challenging season, the obvious focal point was the players and staff in overcoming their slew of injuries and a significant suspension to return for a fourth Premier League season.

My overriding thoughts, though, tended to focus on the supporting side of things. As a stateside group, for a good portion of the new American-based Bees fans who latched onto the club in the Premier League, this might have been one of their first tastes of enduring Brentford's hurdles for a season-long stretch. Of course, we all know that is nothing compared to select Bees teams of yore, and even myself, I only experienced the club's final seven seasons in the Championship before helping kick-start our humble international chapter in Manhattan.

I say all this as a prelude to what I thought stood out the most in 2023-24: A continually growing American group that dedicated most of its Saturdays at our pub without hesitation, appreciating the efforts, passion and nuances of what makes Brentford our grand club.

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