Tuesday, August 29, 2023

NYC Bees touted on Brentford Carabao Cup broadcast

Charlie Corr (L) and John Kenkel (R)
During the Aug. 29 broadcast of Brentford FC's match against Newport County in the Carabao Cup, the broadcast team of Mark Burridge and Marcus Gayle dedicated much of the pregame toward the growth of American support.

Within that segment, Burridge was keen to mention NYC Bees Co-Founder Charlie Corr, Brentford USA's John Kenkel and Across the Seas but Forever Bees' Tim Searls among the stateside efforts.

The six-minute segment is AVAILABLE HERE. (If the player doesn't work from your device, click "download" to listen.)

Sunday, August 27, 2023

NYC Bees Newsletter: Beesotted, Upcoming Schedule, Bees United

The latest NYC Bees Newsletter is out!

We highlight the Beesotted Podcast joining our season opener, run through the upcoming schedule and watch events, and link back to our latest contribution to the Bees United newsletter.

If you're interested in the latest on the NYC Bees, email brentfordnyc@gmail.com!

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Forever Bees Podcast: Waterman's Brentford in America Perspective

Longtime Brentford FC supporter and historian Greville Waterman, co-host of the Across the Seas But Forever Bees podcast, provides his perspective of Brentford in America and his history Stateside.

Waterman also gives some nice recognition to Brentford USA's John Kenkel and NYC Bees' Charlie Corr on the watch party and USA supporters movement.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Beesotted: NYC Bees chat with Billy 'The Bee' Grant from The Red Lion

The West London-based podcast, Beesotted, and co-host Billy "The Bee" Grant, spoke to a bevy of NYC Bees during his visit at The Red Lion for the Aug. 13 Brentford opener against Tottenham.

NYC Bees who were interviewed (in order of conversations) included Charlie Corr, Levar Riley, Adam Harder, Miles Dilworth, Brandi Daniels, Charles Daniel, Sarah Muni and Bruce Muni, followed by some repeat interviews postgame.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Bees United: Bees in the States: Partying Like it's 1889

By Charlie Corr
Bees United Contributor

With each passing day, Brentford is breaking new ground and adding to its rich history, dating back to its inception in 1889. Yet in most of that time, the Bees hadn't created much of an international foothold from a supporters standpoint.

This July was a watershed moment, as the Bees made their first top-division Stateside trip, competing in the six-team Premier League Summer Series -- a three-match preseason tournament in the United States.

This summer provided the first tangible moment for new Brentford fans and longtime supporters to converge as one. The matches and results were secondary -- it was all about the camaraderie, while tasking the flavor of what has drawn us to the club in our unique ways.

For the full piece, visit BeesUnited.org.uk.