Thursday, March 28, 2024

NYC Bees connect on Shades of Blue FanFest Live LIT stream

Our good friends at Shades of Blue (Manchester City) invited the NYC Bees' Charlie Corr to its FanFest Live #LITStream show on March 28 to talk Brentford football. The show's main host, Crunk Chocolate, has connected with us a couple times earlier this season on their Breaking Bread program for Brentford-Man City previews, and we also know him through the Premier League FanFest Live shows that have taken place in preseason and in December.

We join in the #LITStream approximately 30 minutes into the program. The highlight of the evening: We determined that Ivan Toney's bid should be £150 million! Good luck with the negotiating, Brentford!

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