Thursday, January 7, 2016

Longstanding Crocketteers Hold Fort in San Antonio

USL Feature

San Antonio is beginning its chapter in the USL for the 2016 season, and the expansion club has well-established support already in its corner.

The team, operated by Spurs Sports & Entertainment, officially became the league’s 31st franchise on Thursday while introducing its first head coach, Darren Powell. One face of San Antonio’s fandom heading into the upcoming campaign will be built around the Crocketteers, an independent supporters group that was founded in 2009, before the city even had a team to support.

“Myself and a bunch of close friends were hanging out at a pub in the summer of 2008, the Euro Championships, enjoying the atmosphere we were creating in the bar, and we joked around about how we didn’t have anything in San Antonio,” Crocketteers founder Michael Macias said. “We started a movement without a team to show our support for the idea of professional soccer in San Antonio.”

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