Tuesday, October 6, 2015

OKC Energy FC's Evan Newton embodies final piece of puzzle

OKC Energy FC goalkeeper Evan Newton
USL Feature

When OKC Energy FC head coach Jimmy Nielsen was putting the final elements of the team’s roster together for 2015, Evan Newton was not part of the picture.

Nielsen felt all the pieces were already in place heading into preseason, and then several days later he received a phone call from Newton’s agent.

“We had a long chat, and I was pretty far with the roster,” Nielsen said. “Only a few days before he called, I said we’re done for the year. We’re not signing any more players. But when I heard he was available, I chatted with him and we were back and forth. We came to an agreement and knew that we had a rock solid goalkeeper who can win you points.

“He joined us for our trip at the IMG Tournament, flew in, landed at 4 in the afternoon, played a 7 o’clock game and we beat Toronto 1-0.”

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